Friday, October 28, 2005

The Party's Over

We broke the sad news to family, staff, and closest friends earlier this evening, and now we must announce the store will close at the end of business day on Sat, November 5. The last day for picking up fixtures is Sunday, November 6.

All events are cancelled following the Saturday Private Scrap on Oct 29 for the MISS foundation. This Friday night, Oct 28, will be our last Midnight Madness.

How did this happen? We've been fighting a losing battle since the opening of Recollections in our area. This was further complicated by the slow economy, the slowdown of scrapbooking industry-wide, and the recent closings of other scrapbook and craft stores in our area. We've tried many different things, but we no longer have a choice and cannot hold our lease.

We regret that this happening so abruptly. Thank you to everyone to has been a part of our store, and our family.

Kristel, Lynzee, Candy, Brianna, Melissa, Debbie, Joni, Sheryl, Sue, Christina, Danielle, Donica, Jett, Jori, Nancy, Erika, Anna, Kim, Ally, Kimmie, Kerry, Jen, and so many other people too numerous to mention: we love you all. Thank you for being a part of our lives.


Blogger *~*Erin*~* said...

I've already sent an email, but I'm uber bummed that you are closing. But I also just read your post about your online store - WOOT! That takes the sting away just a little bit...Best wishes!!

9:55 PM  
Anonymous said...

I'm dissapointed of your closing but also need to know how to go about using a gift card? I have had no success at reaching anyone both by e-mail or phone.

Please respond:)


3:08 PM  

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